Review: King's Knight by Regan Walker


Dubbed the Black Wolf for his raven hair, his fierceness in battle and his way with women, Sir Alexander of Talisand attacked life as he did the king’s enemies. But acclaim on the battlefield and his lusty escapades did not satisfy. King William Rufus would bind him to Normandy through marriage to one of its noblewomen, but the only woman Alexander wanted was a commoner he had saved from a terrible fate.


The shame of being the child of a Norman’s rape dogged Merewyn’s steps from her youth. Determined never to be a victim of a man’s lust like her mother, in Wales she donned the garb of an archer and developed extraordinary skill with a bow. Despite her fair beauty, men now keep their distance. No longer in need of protection from other men, can Merewyn protect herself from Alexander when he holds her heart yet can never be hers?

Regan Walker's novels never fail to capture my imagination, to transport me to another time and place, and her Medieval Warriors series is definitely up there with the best of her work!

Alex is a young man fulfilling his destiny as the famous Red Wolf's 'cub'. He has a fearsome repuation to live up to, and is more than capable of the job. With his flowing black locks and striking grey eyes he is every inch the perfect warrior. Yet the moment he sets eyes on Merewyn we begin to see his softer, protective side, and I fell for him the moment he rode through the gates of Talisand.

Merewyn was a lovely character. Determined to shake off the 'damsel in distress' label and to defend herself from unwanted advances she takes up archery, and amazes everyone with her skill. She is fearless, unconventional, and yet vulnerable in that she can't seem to get past the circumstances of her birth. Her constant worrying that she wasn't worthy of Alex, and that he must marry a bride chosen by the King, really frustrated me - I just wanted her to see how great she is!

Whilst each novel in the series can be read as a standalone, it's lovely to see some familiar faces appearing now and again. Main protagonists aside, Regan has created a medieval world full of wonderful characters, all of whom are worthy of having their stories told, and some of which I'm sure we'll be reading more about in the future.

Wonderfully researched historical fiction, filled with romance, danger and intrigue. What more could you ask for?

*Thanks to Regan Walker for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for a review!*


  1. Thanks for the great review, Vicki. I am so glad you liked the story of Sir Alex and Merewyn.


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