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Review: Christmas at Carrington's by Alexandra Brown.

I was lucky enough to receive a free copy of this book via Goodreads, and given it's Christmas theme I decided to dive straight in the minute it arrived on my doorstep.The premise of the story is simple; Carrington's department store is in financial trouble and so Kelly Cooper (think fictional Mary Portas) and her TV company arrive to 'improve' it, filming a reality show along the way. For Georgie Hart, her best friends Sam and Eddie, and the rest of the store staff, their lives are turned upside down and they become overnight 'slebs' (don't even get me started on how much that abbreviation annoyed me). Having recently watched Channel 4's documentary on Liberty's of London I was excited to see how the concept measured up in fiction and I wasn't disappointed. As a leading character Georgie has more than a hint of Bridget Jones about her; throw in the obligatory hunky boss and gay best friend and you have the makings of a great story, if a little …

First Post...

Let's skip the awkward introductions and get straight to the point: this blog is my outlet for my literary musings. I graduated from university this summer with a degree in English and History, and so this is my way of keeping the critical side of my mind ticking over. Naturally this blog will therefore consist primarily of book reviews (my personal blog is here; if you want to follow me there too please do!) In terms of genre, historical fiction and chick lit are generally my books of choice, although I will also be posting reviews of books that I have received through Goodreads and NetGalley that could be about absolutely anything. I'll be copying a few reviews over from my Goodreads account over the next few days, then I'll add more as I write them. I'm relatively new to blogging, so if you have any helpful tips send them my way!