Review: Rogue Knight by Regan Walker

York, England 1069… three years after the Norman Conquest

The North of England seethes with discontent under the heavy hand of William the Conqueror, who unleashes his fury on the rebels who dare to defy him. Amid the ensuing devastation, love blooms in the heart of a gallant Norman knight for a Yorkshire widow.


Angry at the cruelty she has witnessed at the Normans’ hands, Emma of York is torn between her loyalty to her noble Danish father, a leader of the rebels, and her growing passion for an honorable French knight.

Loyal to King William, Sir Geoffroi de Tournai has no idea Emma hides a secret that could mean death for him and his fellow knights.


War erupts, tearing asunder the tentative love growing between them, leaving each the enemy of the other. Will Sir Geoffroi, convinced Emma has betrayed him, defy his king to save her?

Rogue Knight is yet another brilliant novel from Regan Walker. It is the second in the Medieval Warriors series, and although the characters from the first installment do make an appearance it is a standalone story. I love fiction set in the medieval era, and this one is the perfect blend of historical romance and action. Emma and Geoffroi are two characters that you really root for, and I was willing Emma to follow her heart as she was torn between her duty to her father and her love for the Norman Knight. It's easy to see why she fell for him. Geoffroi is honorable, courageous and loyal, the perfect knight and worthy of his title. Emma herself is brave, generous and devoted to her family. It is clear that a lot of research went into this book; the attention to historical detail is spot on. You can easily picture war torn York and Geoffroi's picturesque home of Talisand as if you are seeing them with your own eyes, and yet the detail is not overwhelming. It is very much a character driven novel, and every character adds something to the plot - even if they only make the briefest of appearances. Regan is a master of her craft - her novels instantly draw you in and keep you reading, and leave you with a smile on your face.

*Thanks to Regan Walker for granting me a free copy of this book in enchange for a review!*


  1. Thank you so much for the review, Vicki--and for your very kind words. I am thrilled you liked Rogue Knight.


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