Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Would Love to be Made into Films/TV Shows

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

This week's theme is a great one - books I want to see turned into films or TV series! The relationship between books and films is a tricky one; the majority of the time the film ends up being a huge let down - simply because condensing a 500 page novel into two hours on screen is a mighty task. Narrowing down my choices was difficult, but here are my top ten that I would love to see one day:

(You can find my reviews for most of these books over in the review archive!)

The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion - I read this for the first time only last month, and I absolutely loved it! This has quirky indie film written all over it. 

The Versions of Us, Laura Barnett - Think Sliding Doors with a difference. This has only recently been published and the response has been amazing, so much so that there is already talk of film rights!

The Illusionists, Rosie Thomas - My favourite book of last year. So atmospheric and enchanting, and the characters would translate to screen really well. It would make a brilliant TV series, and would fill the period drama gap in my life nicely until The Musketeers return to my living room!

The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern - I'm not sure it's possible to even begin to convey the magic of the book on screen, but I'd love to see somebody try! I heard a while back that a film might be in the pipeline so watch this space!

How to Build a Girl, Caitlin Moran - Daring, and laugh out loud funny. If anyone has seen Caitlin's TV series Raised by Wolves then you know what I'm talking about. 

The Secret Place, Tana French - Everyone loves a whodunnit, and this one is packed with tension. If not a film it is at least worthy of a TV adaptation!

The Edge of Never, J.A Redmerski - There's been a campaign to get a film adaptation of this off the ground for a while now, and I'm backing it wholeheartedly.

The Oyster Catcher - Jo Thomas - This would make the perfect rom-com. The small-town Irish setting itself reminds me very much of the Amy Adams film Leap Year which I just adore.

From Notting Hill With Love Actually, Ali McNamara - I love this series of books. They are so full of homages to all the classic rom-coms that they are surely deserving of a film themselves!

The Champion, Elizabeth Chadwick - To be honest I'd be happy with a film adaptation of any of Elizabeth Chadwick's novels, but The Champion would perhaps translate the best - fans of A Knight's Tale would love it!

What's on your lists this week? And how about dream casts? I could go on all day about those!


  1. I love your choices and agree with all of them! It would be so amazing if someone finally made a film of Ali McNamara's books! I'd love to see all the little tributes to other rom coms play out on screen!

  2. The Rosie Project and The Illusionists are two books that are high up on my TBR. The Illusionists especially seems to be exactly my cup of tea!
    And of course the Night Circus would make a glorious film <3


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