Review: Summer in Sorrento by Melissa Hill

Maia and her husband Jim, in a moment of spontaneity, bought an old farmhouse in Sorrento and moved their from their native Ireland for a change of pace once they hit their forties. A few years later and Maia is alone, mourning her husband and struggling to make ends meet. Along with her friend and house helper Camilla, Maia opens up her home as a Bed and Breakfast, and is surprised not only at the popularity of her home, but also by how much she enjoys being hostess. Each of her guests have their own stories to tell and problems to solve, and Maia finds herself loving every minute of it.

Having spent a few days in Sorrento myself this summer I couldn't help but be excited when I heard about this book. It  is one of the most magical and beautiful places I have ever visited and I would return there in a heartbeat. It is therefore not hard for me to believe Maia's story of her and Jim falling in love with the place and deciding to move there. Maia is a very likeable character, and there's plenty of scope to do more short stories with different guests, maybe even a full length novel, and so I really hope that Melissa writes more!

4/5 stars: A charming tale of love and loss set in one of the world's most breathtaking places, I just wish it was longer!


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