Book A Day 7: Forgot I Owned It

I'm normally pretty good at keeping track with what books I own, although admittedly with an ever growing TBR list and more visits to second hand bookshops than is strictly necessary, it is beginning to get tricky. Looking at my bookshelf today, only one jumped out at me that I has completely forgotten about: Legally Blonde. Bought some 8-10 years ago, I don't really remember getting much further than the first page, so a re-read is definitely on the cards. My love for the Reese Witherspoon film was what prompted me to buy it in the first place, and I think I was a bit too young to really read it back then.

Are there any books on your shelves that you'd completely forgotten about? Head over to Twitter and @BoroughPress to join in the #bookaday conversation.

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