Book A Day 6: The One I Always Give As a Gift

This category was surprisingly difficult for me, I happily recommend novels to anyone who will listen, but I rarely give them as gifts. Aside from the friends that I made in my university English classes I don't actually know many people who read more than a couple of books a year, and the few people who do read have such different tastes to me. With this in mind my choice today is the last book of mine that I gave to someone to read. My little sister, who has probably never read anything since her Jacqueline Wilson days, actually asked me for something to read the other day. I honestly couldn't believe it! My preferences for historical fiction and chick-lit are not exactly shared by her, so the book that immediately sprung to mind was The Time Traveler's Wife. I only read it myself a couple of months ago and have been telling people how great it is ever since.

Do you have a book that you always gift? Head over to Twitter and @BoroughPress to join in the #bookaday fun!

My other #bookaday choices are here, just in case you're interested...


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