Book A Day 4: Least Favourite Book by Favourite Author.

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Today's topic is your least favourite book by your favourite author. I hate categories like this, I can't help but feel mean when I say outright that I don't like something. I think I'm too nice! After some thought I settled on one of my all time favourite writers, Anthony Horowitz. His Alex Rider books were the staple of my teenage years, and I'm wondering whether I'm allowed to read the latest one without being considered 'weird' or 'too old'. I'm currently eagerly awaiting the next of Anthony's Sherlock Holmes reboots; The House of Silk was AMAZING, and Moriarty, due out in the autumn, sounds just as promising. I do recall though, that he wrote a supernatural series around the same time as the Alex Rider books that I just didn't like. For this reason my choice today is Raven's Gate. It may be a bit of a cop out going back to books that I read as a judgemental 14 year old but nothing else springs to mind.

What's your least favourite book by your favourite author?

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  1. I jumped up when I saw Anthony Horowitz's name, haha. I've never read the Alex Rider books but my boyfriend loves them. Just like you they were some of his favorite when he was younger. I just bought him the newest one this year and he still hasn't read it I think out of fear of it actually really being the last book in that world.

    Also fun fact I'm also an english/history student! I just haven't graduated yet. :) Happy to have found you!

    -Katie at The Pop Cultist and The Fiction Diaries

    1. I know how he feels, it's like you're officially leaving your childhood behind haha! Ah cool! It's always great to meet like minded people :) Following you back!


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