Book A Day 25: Never Finished It

It's rare for me to not finish books. Really rare. I have books that I keep renewing from the library because I have lost interest in them but can't bear to take them back unfinished! That said, of course there are a few that I just can't persevere with, but even in these cases I have to read the last few chapters so I know how they end! The latest instance of this for me was From London With Love. The blurb made it sound so promising: the privileged daughter of an ex-James Bond actor moving to England in the hope of living an ordinary life and finding a non-Hollywood boyfriend. Standard chick-lit really, only it was at least 100 pages too long. Don't get me wrong I love a good rom-com novel, but there is such a thing as going on for too long and I lost interest in it pretty quickly. As a Bond fan I was even more disappointed that I wasn't able to persevere with it!

What's the latest book that you've had to give up on? Join in the #bookaday conversation over on Twitter, and have a nosey at my other book a day choices here!


  1. I think the last book I DNFed was Entangled by Nikki Jefford. I had been drooling over that cover for years, and the premise sounded really good, but the execution was just awful! I was so disappointed!


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