Book A Day 2: Best Bargain

Over on Twitter this month, @BoroughPress are running a #bookaday meme. For those interested in joining in, the schedule is here.

Today's category is Best Bargain. I thought this category would be a difficult one, and I was scouring my shelves until my eyes spotted something in the corner of my room. The Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes, picked up in a library book sale for 50p! Fifty pence for a 1122 page book containing every thing there is of Conan Doyle's world famous detective. I couldn't believe my luck when I found it! The writing may be TINY but I'm determined to make my way through it one day.

What's the best book bargain you've bagged? Let me know in the comments, and head over to twitter for more #bookaday fun!

Click here to have a nosey at my other #bookaday choices!


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