Review: How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days by Kate McKinley

Lucas Alexander, the ninth Duke of Arlington, is a man who is used to getting his own way. So when he decides he wants to marry Miss Pippa Welby, the beautiful and spirited daughter of a wealthy tradesman, he expects his proposal to be gratefully accepted. But Pippa, who has been subject to snobbery from the upper classes her whole life, has no intention of marrying into their society, least of all to the man she believes snubbed her at a ball last year. The final straw comes when Lucas smugly presents her with an invitation to her own engagement ball in ten days time, and the stage is set for a battle of wits and wills as Pippa tries to lose the duke, and not her heart.

I love to indulge in a good old historical romance from time to time, particularly when the other books I'm reading are heavy going, and this novel is perfect for a light read. I liked how independent and determined Pippa was; it's refreshing to see that in a heroine from this era. Lucas is everything you'd expect of a playboy Duke, tall, dark and wickedly handsome. It is clear from the start exactly how the story is going to end, but this doesn't make it any less enjoyable. The chemistry between the two characters is apparent from the moment they meet, and only increases as they try to outwit each other. I also liked how Lucas, who is stereotypically brooding, gradually reveals his softer side as he finds himself falling for Pippa. The adorable dog was a nice touch too! There's a slight cliffhanger at the end to encourage you to read the next book in the series but don't let that put you off reading it; Pippa and Lucas' story is neatly wrapped up before it ends.

4/5 stars: Perfect for a light bedtime read,  I would definitely recommend How to Lose a Duke in Ten Days to anyone who enjoys historical romance novels.

I was kindly given an e-copy of this book by the author in exchange for a review.


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