Review: The Only Reason for the London Season by Kristin Vayden

After a humiliating first season as a debutante, Dianna Trowl is back and determined to bag herself a husband- even if she has to break social convention to do so. Lord Southridge longs for nothing more than a woman who stands out from the crowd, one who isn't afraid to speak her mind. Determined to find himself a wife this season it seems as if all his prayers have been answered the minute that Dianna walks into the ballroom...

This is a short and sweet historical romance, and as an introduction to Vayden's work it worked a treat. Southridge is just perfect - tall, blue-eyed and charismatic- whilst Dianna is a quirky heroine. I liked how even in such a short story we got narrative from both of their perspectives, it made it seem all the more romantic.

4/5 stars: a wonderful little read that I would recommend to any historical romance fan.

This book is available for FREE on Amazon UK and was read as part of the Clean Out Your e-Reader Challenge 2014.


  1. I picked this up the other day as it was free and was interested to read what people though of it, it sounds like I will like this book thank you for your review

  2. what a beautiful cover! Great review! Love the sound of this one!



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