January Library Haul #2

Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge - Lindy Woodhead

In 1909, the first and largest department store built from scratch in London's West End opened in a burst of glorious publicity. The mastermind behind the facade was American retail genius Harry Gordon Selfridge: maverick businessman, risk-taker, dandy and one of the greatest showmen the retail world has ever known.
His talent was to create the seduction of shopping, and as his success and fame grew, so did his glittering lifestyle: mansions, yachts, gambling, racehorses - and mistresses. From the glamour of Edwardian England, through the turmoil of the Great War and the heady excesses of the 1920's and beyond, Selfridges Department Store was 'a theatre with the curtain going up at 9 o'clock each morning'. Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge reveals the captivating story of the rise and fall of the man who revoloutionised the way we shop.

House of the Hanged - Mark Mills

France, 1935: At the poor man's end of the Riviera sits Le Rayol, a haven for artists, expatriates and refugees. Here, a world away from the rumblings of a continent heading towards war, Tom Nash has rebuilt his life after a turbulent career in the Secret Intelligence Service. 
His past though, is less willing to leave him behind. When a midnight intruder tries to kill him, Tom knows it is just a matter of time before another assassination attempt is made. 
Gathered at Le Rayol for the summer months are all that he holds dear, including his beloved goddaughter Lucy. Reluctantly, Tom comes to believe that one of them must have betrayed him. If he is to live, Tom must draw his enemy out, but at what cost to himself and to the people he loves...?

The Further Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Angel of the Opera - Sam Siciliano

Paris, 1890. Sherlock Holmes is summoned across the English Channel to the famous Opera House. Once there, he is challenged to discover the true motivations and secrets of the notorious phantom, who rules its depths with passion and defiance.


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